The Chaos in Social Media

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Social Media = Creative

Well… Social Media nowadays are more likely using as a business tool to launch campaigns, spread new products’ information, and so on. However, it is still the place you should be creative. The following content will be focusing on photos which are from the movie that I created three years ago. I encourage you to…

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Roadmap for SMD300

A roadmap

It is a roadmap which created for Seneca International!

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 5.10.37 PM

Digital Future

As various functional social platforms squeeze into social media component, people are wondering how the future of digital world will be developed. Before I demonstrate my perspective of future digital development, I would like to show some examples. (2012 the best WordPress theme) This the the best WordPress theme in 2012 which it was not…

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Some Interesting Questions and Responses.

Here are some questions which have been asked by many people in a long period of time. Describe three social web strategies you would recommend to a government agency to help it demonstrate to constituents, regulators, critics etc. that it is committed to transparency Many organizations want to ‘mine’ data on customers, donors, friends, and|or…

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Infographic-Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons’ Infographic

Reference: Employee:–Number-of-Employees; Numbers of Kids:; Stores:; Sale performance: Pictures: The end. By Qirui Yu

social intelligence

Online social intelligence tools

Facebook: Comparing with Starbucks, Tim Hortons are more likely an exclusive local coffee shops. As matter of the fact, the audience base on Facebook is bigger than Starbucks, which it is the biggest competitor in Canadian market. Consequently, Tim Hortons fans’ rate in last six months is higher than Starbucks’s, and it increases at the…

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The Meme is originally came up with by Richard Dawkins in the book of The Selfish Gene publishing in 1941, and it is from a suitable Greek root- Mimeme. Human beings tend to imitate others by learning different languages, retweeting similar topics, or simply, liking others’ pages, so the definition of the Meme is an idea of…

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Content Calendar-Brown’s Shoes

It is an imagined content calendar for Brown’s shoes during a week ago of a new school semester. Leave your comments, if you think what it can be developed. Thank you! Written By: Qirui Yu


Differences of Target Audience and Online Social Strategies among Government and Nonprofit sectors

As I shown the image of infographic describing substantive differences of target audience and online social strategies among the three sectors which are nonprofit, government organization and agency, I am going to explain these ideas. Firstly, I researched the problems of nonprofit organizations in which they basically had information-sharing one way. Moreover, most nonprofit organizations…

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Online Photoshop Editing.

Nowadays, many people are using online photo editing tools to modify their photos. It is very convenience; one of my blog posts which it is five compositions using in photographs has many examples to exemplified the conveniency of online editing tools. However, I am currently using Photoshop(PS) to edit which the photos have shown below….

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